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a diverse group of people show off their muscles after a workout


Break your barriers

There are no barriers that cannot be broken. Whether you’re looking for youth training, group training, senior fitness, adaptive training, core strength or more, we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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our programs

a blind man uses ropes during a group workout

This program, developed between Breaking Barriers Rowing & Fitness and U.S. Rowing, provides lessons for youth and adults aged 18-29 on how to adapt to the training needed for indoor and outdoor activities in order to compete against other athletes in local and international competitions. Our trainer for this program is a licensed rowing coach. By understanding the disability of each client, we are able to adapt the training to their strengths and weaknesses.

a muscular black man uses ropes during a workout

This intense training is set up to train all athletes from any sport to increase strength, agility, speed, and muscle building all while preparing the athlete for the next level. This training program focuses on bodyweight exercises, high repetition weightlifting movements, rowing, and strength training. Our skilled trainers know athletes and their training needs for their particular sport, and we have the equipment and the knowledge to assist you with your athletic goals.

a diverse group of people workout together

Our group training class increases strength, improves physical conditioning, and challenges the body! This program is not only one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise and strength training, it’s also a powerful and fun way to burn calories. At Breaking Barriers Rowing & Fitness, we offer creative and fun techniques as part of our group training, including the use of battle ropes and large truck tires. With high intensity movements such as lifting, pulling, pushing, jumping, and weight training you’re guaranteed an enjoyable, yet vigorous workout!

a fit black woman lifts a giant yellow tire during a workout

At Breaking Barriers Rowing & Fitness, we offer one on one personal training. Whether you’re an athlete, a youth, or an adult – our trainers are here to assist you in all your health and fitness needs.

a senior citizen uses light weights during a training session

This program helps our seniors to become more active, while helping with body mechanics on our indoor rowing machines. Rowing builds physical stamina, stimulating bone density, building bone minerals, and provides low impact on joints while having fun with others. Our trainers take the time to understand any issues you may have, and we will adapt the training to your needs.

a veteran works out on a rowing machine

We have created a training program specifically for veterans to improve their strength and offer a conditioning that provides a mental and physical challenge. The key component in this training is the introduction of indoor rowing. Our trainers understand that there might be some barriers for our vets. Together we will break the barriers as we prepare our vets for life and help them to compete in local and national indoor rowing events.

young kids work out using rings and heavy weight balls

This year-round program teaches conditioning, nutrition, and fitness training, along with the skill of rowing in our indoor rowing facility. This sport builds teamwork and discipline while reducing obesity. It’s a total body workout! This rowing-based training will condition and prepare any athlete for any sport they play.